The Lone Shee sighed and watched the cold tea dribble from his cup onto a flourishing patch of carrots. Normally he hated wasting tea, it didn’t seem natural somehow, but today he just hadn’t wanted to drink it. He’d been out here in the depths of space alone, except for the norns he’d collected and one or two ettins, for…who knew how long, he’d never kept track of time.

The trouble with space, he told himself, was that there was such a lot of it, but nothing much ever happened there. Oh, bits exploded now and then, and every so often his warp portal would locate a new planet where he might pick up a new species or two, but it was all the same after a while. What he wanted was something exciting, something…something different. But the chances of that happening were about the same as his chances of getting the teapot back from the ettins again. “At least I can try that,” he told himself as he headed off in the direction of the Meso.

As he stood waiting for an elevator to take him down to the ettins and his missing teapot he found himself distracted by a group of norns. They were all bunched up together as usual, but something about one of them had caught his eye. As the norns shifted he finally got a clear view of the one he had been watching and almost fell over backwards in surprise. One of his norns was completely white, not just pale but completely and totally lacking any colour at all. It looked rather like a child's paper doll cutout. How had this happened? Was it a mutation? Had it come through the warp somehow? He didn’t think he’d left the portal open...

“Best to check,” he told himself and hurried off to his workshop. Yes, of course the portal was open! The ettins must have gotten in here as well. And it seemed something had warped in, but he couldn’t find out where the new norn had come from, there was no record of an original location at all, which was very strange.

“Eem vre gaa Shee” The Lone Shee spun around, surprised to see the mystery norn standing behind him, his head tilted back as if he was looking up although without being able to see the norn’s eyes it was a little hard to tell. “Eem flub dat” the little norn announced and started off towards the portal.

“Not so fast little one,” The Lone Shee said as he grabbed the norn’s hand to keep him back from the portal, “You’ve only just got here, you can’t leave yet!” The little norn kept staring at the portal and The Lone Shee found himself doing the same thing. If this norn had come through the portal, he thought to himself, then surely the world it came from must be on the other side. So if he wanted to know where the norn had come from all he had to do was go through the portal. He paused just long enough to grab his warp device and headed into the blue.

What he found on the other side was…more… blue. Iridescent, swirling blue exactly like the warp. He thought he was walking around in it but it was hard to tell when everything around him was moving even if he stayed still. All of a sudden he saw shadows in front of him and through the swirling mists he saw norns like none he’d ever seen before. Some of the brightest he’d ever seen, every colour in the universe seemed to be represented in their rainbow fur and behind them he saw norns with grendel arms, legs, tails, strange disjointed norns that seemed to be made up of parts of every creature under the sun, and finally he even spotted one or two pure white norns like his little friend back home.

What was this place? He asked himself, the warp device clearly stated he was still travelling through the warp but he seemed to be in some sort of physical space within it. Was it possible that there were norns that lived within the warp itself; strange creatures that never really fit into any of the worlds outside but just travelled between them constantly? It certainly looked that way. But before he could investigate further an all too familiar stench washed over him; grendels! As the huge shapes loomed in the mist the norns panicked and scattered.

The Lone Shee just had time to catch one passing female, a white norn like the one back on the Capillata, before he activated the warp device and brought them both back to safety. As soon as they tumbled out of the perpetual swirling blue of the warp back into the relative safety of the Capillata, the Lone Shee shut the portal down to stop the grendels from following them through. It was only afterwards that he realised he might never be able to find that strange world-between-worlds ever again. But at least he had two to keep him occupied for a while. He named the mysterious pair Gwyn and Eira, ancient Shee words meaning ‘white’ and ‘snow’, and he decided he'd call their breed "Paper Dolls".

“Come on,” he told the little norns “lets see if we can find you some cookies.”

The Paper Dolls

The Paper Doll Genetic breeds are brought to you by the kind folks of the Albian Essence Development Team. We have worked very hard to discover how to color the creatures white and then make this adorable breed for you, the members of the community. We hope that you share them via the warp and continue to expand and celebrate this wonderful community of ours even beyond the Creatures Community Spirit Festival. Enjoy The Lone Shee's latest find!

Peace & Carrots,
The Albian Essence Development Team

1.) Download each breed egg agent zip file.
2.) Place the egg agent in your "My Agents" directory.
3.) Look for your newly added Breed in Muco's heads up display listed under Paper Doll
4.) Make sure you have the original breed for which the Paper Doll breed is named, or they won't show up properly. If you don't have the Bengal sprites, and you inject the Paper Doll Bengals they will be white, but they won't look like a Bengal. They will look like the breed in the closest slot to the Bengals.