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The Epic Story of the Wendolshee

The Epic Story of the Wendolshee - Yurtra

The Epic Story of the Wendolshee
Well... not really...

The Wendolshee studied his new norns with glee. An upper entity whose name was unknown to him had given him an egg, and from this egg a Draconian creature that he dubbed Draconian norn was born. These norns were weak and small on first glance but grew up to become strong and handsome norns. However, they had the strangest eating habits… and all of the critters on the Wendolshee's ship had been eaten before he could do anything about it. The only place that remained with edible critters was the large aquarium that he had. "But these norns cannot live in the water…" he thought, "They would drown."

The Wendolshee thought about his situation, "I could create a device that hunts fish for the norns…but what if the machine malfunctions?" He didn't want his norns to go hungry…not even for a day, so naturally he discarded that idea. He pondered long hours, when suddenly it struck him. Instead of creating plans for a new device, maybe he should make plans for a whole new genome? "Yes, Yes! That will work!"

The Wendolshee set to work immediately! Naturally he created his norns to breathe underwater. But not only that was done. He made them have special oil like substance that would allow the female's eggs to hatch in the water! This way the new eggs would not have to be transported to land, and could hatch underwater. The norns could breed without his help, and would be able to learn to hunt fish straight away.

Two months later a male baby Norn hatched. It had a bluish green tint to it but acted otherwise like a Draconian. It was hungry…and as if by new instincts it hunted out his aquarium and began to gorge itself on the plentiful and tasty fish! The Wendolshee was excited! His first new genome was a success! He hatched a female and left them to their own devices…

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