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Fun Stuff!

What_Creature_are_you? Crazed_Warp DJ_Grendel_Tracks Nornus Beatus

What Creature are you? - DClick

Comments: DClick has created a quiz for Creatures fans that lets you know what sort of Creature you might be. DClick has her site hosted at Geocites, and as they don't allow a direct link to pictures contained on personal websites, she's asked me for help. I saw the quiz, and I thought it was wonderfully well done, and so was glad to host the pictures. Click the link below to find out...

What Creature are you?

P.S. Just so you know, I did take the quiz. My results are shown at right.

Ah, nature. Just me and the animals. I like it that way.
Tea & Cookies, anyone?

Crazed Warp - Bug (With a teeny bit of help from TreeSprite)

Comments: Bug has once again whipped up some Draconian type fun for fans of the new Draconian Norn Breed! This sound file takes you on a crazy, rhythmic, and often scary, but definately fun filled journey into the realm of the Draconians.
TreeSprite Says: I was quite pleased when Bug let me help with this. After hearing what I'd added, he seemed rather pleased with our collaboration as well! =)

DJ Grendel Tracks - Masha (With a teeny bit of help from TreeSprite)

Comments: These are Masha's lovely DJ Grendel Tracks that were included with C2 & C3.
TreeSprite Says: I've taken the time and trouble to upsample both files to 16 bit stereo, and to then convert them to mp3 file format so that they are suitable for download.


Nornus Beatus - Bug

Comments: Bug has delved once again into the musical reaches of his vast creativity, and has dredged up more musical fun for his fans. This sound file takes you on a wild, rhythmic, and frenzied path into the dark reaches of his fantastic world.
TreeSprite Says: I'm always happy to hear from Bug that he's taken time out to make yet another sound file. After seeing this one posted he sent me the image file at right to go with it. Cool huh? =)