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Creatures Community
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Creatures Community

The official Mirror for the old CreatureLabs websites. Here you can find the CDN site, The Creatures Community site, and the Creatures 2 site.

Docking Station Aftermath

This group was started as means to allow an announcement of when and where new Creatures Docking Station servers will be based, and how to find them. It has since grown into a large Creatures Community Centre to which many members turn for help, advice, and general chat about the Creatures Series of Games.

Members have been informed that GameWare Europe has purchased the rights to the Creatures Series of games, and that it is planned that soon the Docking Station Servers should be placed back online. At the moment there is no news as to when this will occur, but it is hoped that the downtime won't be too long.


At the moment this site is a temporary placeholder, that states that "Announcements regarding the future of Creatures products, including Creatures Docking Station, will be made over the coming weeks."

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