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News Archive 2002

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TreeSprite's Grove website in concept.

Layout for TreeSprite's Grove is finalized.

Artwork for banner and buttons is started.

TreeSprite's Grove goes live.

Work has been started on the Creatures Palace Chat.

Several links have been added to the links section, and there's a C1 Cob in the Cobs/Agents section.

Added a couple of links to the links section. Uploaded an improved C1 sprite file to the Cobs/Agents section.

Added some cobs to the Cobs/Agents Section.

Got permission from Freya (Such a nice lady!) to upload an edit to one of her sprite files, and to link to her website as well, and immediately did so.


Added some Wallpapers to the Fan Art section.


Added a C1 Weed reference to the Tips & Tricks section.


Changed the site a bit and made the new buttons on the left, edited an error on the Links page.

Posted Azam the Mysteriously Dead Zebra Norn to the C3 Section of the Adoption page.

Added a link to Wolfy's Myth Mountain site in the links section. Posted my C1 Twins experiment norns to the adoption page. Posted Amgo - the siamese that I got from Frimlin, and a Yellow Siamese to the C3 adoption section.

Posted Azam - The Mysteriously Dead Zebra Norn, Amgo - the siamese that I got from Frimlin, and a Yellow Siamese to the DS section rather than the C3 Section of the Adoption page (Thanks Llan!). Added Official C3 & DS Upgrade information and links to the Upgrades section.


Posted Asia & Aslan, the first grendels I ever got from Frimlin! They are Brigand grendels - These are the new grendel genome that was still in production prior to being released officially as Banshee Grendels!

I have been given Permission from Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink to create an offical archive of her agents and tools on my website. I promise to work dilligently over the next few days to get it finished, and upload it to the webspace.

Frimlin just wrote me giving me permission to post my update to Slink's Dragonflies! I'm so excited! Work continues on Slink's Treasures, so the update will be posted soon after I finish with it.

Happy Halloween! Slink's Treasures are now online, and she has a whole section of TreeSprite's Grove dedicated to her! I've also added my sprite update to her dragonflies in my Cobs & Agents Section!


I have decided to do a wolfling run with all the breeds in the world from the start, just to see which breeds will survive, and what mutations will occur. I'm interested to see what I'll come up with by Generation 30. I'm probably only going to go that far since this is just sooo slow because I am running a Docked World to accomodate all the norns. I'll keep you up to date on anything unusual.

I've been busy! I got bored just sitting watching the norns, and decided to update my personal website. I've added a section for my poetry. I'm adding a few poems at a time to the online publishing of my original compilation book entitled "Of Love, Youth, and Truth a Reflexion." If you like poetry you should have a look see. Oh, to see them all you'll have to click the contents link on the left each time you are finished reading to choose another poem.

I've found an odd norn in my wolfing run, and just got around to posting her to the adoptions page. I've had a time of it too! Remember when you got your first try at taking pictures with a camera, and the film came back? I do! I remember thinking, "What a lovely picture of my feet!", and "Oh, haven't I got a lovely thumb?", and "Oh look, I wonder if Uncle knows he hasn't a head anymore?" :+) How embarrassing! Well apparently it doesn't matter what sort of camera you use, it's inevitable that at some time you'll find some silly photo such as that. Take these photos from the Docking Station camera for example!
Ok, what idiot did this?


DClick has created a quiz for Creatures fans that lets you know what sort of Creature you might be. DClick has her site hosted at Geocites, and as they don't allow a direct link to pictures contained on personal websites, she's asked me for help. I saw the quiz, and I thought it was wonderfully well done, and so was glad to host the pictures. Click the link below to find out...

What Creature are you?

P.S. Just so you know, I did take the quiz. My results are shown at right.

Ah, nature. Just me and the animals. I like it that way.
Tea & Cookies, anyone?
UPDATE! A big YAY for DClick! Her quiz has been noted in the Docking Station Central News! *Applause!*

I've been a busy faerie flitting here and there to add some new life to TreeSprite's Grove! I posted two new documents to the Tips & Tricks section of the website; The Unofficial Creatures Guide for C1, and Norn Statistics & Genealogy for Docking Station. I posted a new link in the Docking Station Links section to The Norn Notepad. Mrlittleguy hasn't got a lot up on his site right now, but he gets an A+ for Style, and I'm looking forward to seeing what develops. I've also posted some new fan art, offered by Brigitta, in the Fan-tastic section.

TreeSprite's Grove has had a makeover! Due to the recent report from a friend that my stylesheet wasn't working, i.e. it was deleted from the server, I have added the styles to each page. Those of you who were seeing TreeSprite's Grove with the Arial (ick!) font, and no extra color features can now view the website as it was intended.

Changed Brigitta's fanart credit to WD3K so as not to confuse anyone. Also, for those of you that are interested, my personal website "TreeSprite's Realm" has been updated as well. There is now a new design & layout, and a few new poems to read. Added an article on "How to send Norns to yourself via Docking Station" without running two instances of the game on your computer. A mighty useful article when it comes to those who have slower machines that can't handle running two instances of DS, or who don't have internet connection sharing via the home network.

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Here is your present, there's some new downloads from me! More "Slink's Treasures"!

Yee! :+) Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas to me! I just got an email from Carolyn Horn! She sent me a Christmas Card, and my very own Creatures3 norn!
Here's My Card --->

This is Bert!
Isn't he such a cute festive Christmas Color?
Merry Christmas to you wishes Carolyn Horn!

Fixed the picture for the Card from Carolyn to the correct picture. Fixed a series of broken links. If you attempted to download the following, they are now fixed: Slink's Double World Sign, Breedable Santa norn Keenan, X,Y Locator cob, Wine for Two, 24 Creature Incubator, 24 Creature Override, and Vixy Vendor Strained Carrots.