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Special Feature

Click Crazy Creatures Captures An Inside Look at C12DS Via an Interview with Lacota

CLICK! Crazy Creatures Captures

Apparently it doesn't matter what sort of camera you use, inevitably at some time you'll find some silly photo like these.
Ok, what idiot did this?
Have you got some screen captures, or photos of some crazy, weird, silly, or just plain odd things happening in your creatures games?
Treesprite's Creatures Grove is doing a special feature on really odd photos and screencaptures from the creatures series of games! Send your Crazy Creatures Captures from C1, C2, C3/DS, and CA/CP to have them posted for everyone to enjoy!

Be sure to send your photos, complete with a caption and a few words about the photo, before 6/30/2003 because that's when the Special Feature will be posted! There will be an opportunity for everyone to vote on which photos they like the best for each of the game series' as well as a best in show!

Well, the time for sending your pictures in is now up! Let the voting commence!
Vote for your favorite from every category; Creatures, Creatures2, and Creatures3/Docking Station as well as Best in Show! You'll need to join TreeSprite's Creatures Grove Forums to vote, but don't worry, just a couple of clicks is all it takes, and it's easy as Peking Pie! =)

Our first entry is from Alien who says:

Heard of flying lemons?
How about a floating egg?
I swear, I absolutely don't know how it happened! One of my norns layed that egg (she laid several other normal ones!), but this particular egg floats. It's like a toy, but actually there's still a norn "captured" within. It cannot hatch, unless the egg has full gravity, I found out. It's not possible to give this egg gravity, I tried every CAOS code I could lay my hands on, but it resists! "Oh well", I thought, and simply left it there in that world. Now, norns are sometimes playing with it and when I tried to take pictures of Snap (the norn in the picture), that stupid egg floated through the camera frame!

P.S. I hatched the "inside" norn by means of the egg layer and its genome I found in the "my worlds" folder, it's a completely normal norn!

Our second entry is from GryphonNorn! =)

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
This pic has been sitting amongst my others for a while, and I thought it would go well in your crazy pics show. There isn't really a story behind it... I just had a bunch of birds flying around in my world, and that norn somehow managed to catch one :)

TreeSprite Says:
I think it's ok that this one doesn't have much back story. I think the screenshot, and the caption pretty much say it all! Thanks for sending this one in GryphonNorn! Your contribution is wonderful! =)

Our next set of entries is from Irene Johannsen

Photo #1 - "What's this? Oh! EWWWW! An Egg!"
Taking the picture showing the norn throwing away the egg was pure coincidence. I wanted to take a picture of that egg, and this norn just got it and threw it away!
Photo #2 - "I've heard of implements before, and I've heard of norns, but an implement norn?"
This photo is 'based' on a graphics error. The norn didn't want to let go of the vendor and always dragged it with her.
TreeSprite Says: More entries from the German Creatures Community! YAY!

Our next set of entries is from Mummy

"Who is who?"
"One head only"
"Norn in vendor"
Photo #1 - a.k.a. "What is she doing with him?" - The norns are called Sondra and Jesajas. I put them on the raft and had hopes they would kisspop... But Jesajas was not very pleased...
Photo #2 - Henrike and Wiclif were in love... but his head disappeared and it seems there are two norns with one head and two bodies.
Photo #3 - Orlando loved to carry the carrot vendor - the photo looks a little funny...
TreeSprite Says: Yay! Go German Creatures Community! Woohoo! =)

This entry is from Bug!

Off we go! ............... Into the pale purple yonder?
Where could they possibly be going?
And why did they feel a need to risk their lives by jumping off from the ledges in their hurry to go seemingly nowhere?

TreeSprite Says:
Mind you the description above may not be correct. Bug tunneled up under my feet as I was tending some trampled flowers in the Grove, thereby knocking me uncerimoniously on my behind... I was too shocked to remember I have wings... handed me this photo, and a rune covered piece of paper, and mumbled something about dracs digging holes, and then tunneled back out without so much as a how do you do! The description above was the best I could do at translating the runic scrawlings of our strange and wonderful friend.

These entries are from Ali from Albia 2000!

Photo #1 - "I want this toy, and this toy, and this one too!"
Anyway, seeing as Norns should only be able to pick one item up at a time, there's an odd picture of a Norn holding a ball, pitz and a gloworm! Impossible? I thought so too!
Photo #2 - "New Breed! Egg Norns!"
There's a Norn (78th) that looks like he is an egg with a head, arms and legs!
TreeSprite Says: Yay! Thanks for sending us your favorite strange pictures of Norns Ali! =)

Some odd stuff from TreeSprite's Photo Album...

Ub's Hardman norns LOVE my world, and I think I've found out why they've all ended up at GEX Forest!
I think they like the portals a bit much don't you? LOL! I've been informed that Ub's little world is just that LITTLE, and his norns come my way to get away from being crowded. Of course my GEX world is the cushiest of all the GEX worlds. Where everyone else seemed to want to see if the Creatures would evolve through hardships, I went in entirely the opposite direction by asking the question, How much can they possibly evolve if they have it so cushy it's sickening?

Crowded? Really? Ya Think, DeannaGex?
*TreeSprite is seen to be rolling her eyeballs.* So I tell them all "Push portal". Nope, they wouldn't do it! I tried "Push teleporter". Nada! I even tried "Push Door" to get them to leave the room and spread out a bit. Do you think they would? NO! The poor silly things! At this point I just shook my head and felt sorry for them because if they didn't push anything they must not have felt so crowded in GEX Forest as they did on Ub's world.
Gives new meaning to the term Hardman Pack doesn't it?

How did they all get in there anyway??? If you've looked at the picture, what you can't see is that there was also a bondi, a bruin, and the other hardman in there too! I'd never thought of a lift as a potential sardine can before, but I certainly do now! By the looks of this lift, and thinking of it's comparison to a sardine can, I'm beginning to wonder if they don't package those sardines live, and then wait for them to take care of each other. Do you see the only one with his beady red eyes open? I don't have to imagine that he's pleased, I saw his face when I unloaded him from the lift. Of course, I must admit that I could hardly blame him. I mean, if I were crammed as badly as he was in that small space, I'm sure that I would have either screamed in absolute frustration, and/or started hitting everyone to get them off me too. Of course he killed off the game's whole Grendel population along with more than a few norns, so I wasn't upset when he died later! By the way, the grendel population hasn't been reinstated via extra eggs. Maybe later when I'm bored or something... *evil grin*
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