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Slink's Treasures
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TreeSprite's Favorites

Balloon Cola Machine Double World Sign Encyclopedia Nornica Condensed Rain Storm Tickets for the Hand

Balloon Version 2.0

Script Numbers: 3 2 210 2, 3 2 210 9, 2 3 210 1
Description: The Balloon is a vehicle that can be made to go up, down, left and right easily by the hand, and with slight difficulty by norns. For the norns Pull will make the balloon go up in all cases. However, Push gives left, right, and down randomly. Like cats in trees, norns won't be so good at getting down as they are up. The Albian Black Hole patches are installed as a part of the Balloon installation to insure the safety of your norns. Only one balloon at a time is allowed in Albia. The Emergency Recall button (which installs on the stone wall above the pump) will cause the balloon to return to its starting position in the garden and remain there, stationary.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

Cola Machine Version 1.3

Script Numbers: 2 8 210 1, 2 8 210 17, 2 7 210 1, 2 7 210 4
Description: This COB injects a vendor object that produces drink objects when activated by either a norn or the hand. The machine appears on the lower level of the temple. The drink objects cools and refreshes the norn. The empty bottles are biodegradable and disappear after being dropped.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink, Graphics by Kingtut

Double World Sign Version 1.1

Script Numbers: 3 4 211 1, 3 4 210 1
Description: This COB injects a pair of signs which together can display an 18-letter word describing your world. It is injected in a place visible from the Incubator Camera Setting, and it is initially set to display "ALBIA" twice.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink
TreeSprite Says: Due to Sprite number conflict you may not have both the World Sign and the Double World Sign in your world.

Encyclopedia Nornica Condensed Version 2.2

Script Numbers: 3 3 212
3 3 211, 3 3 210, 3 3 209, 3 3 208

Description: These 5 COBs inject books into Albia. Each book teaches 16 words, or less if all 16 are not not known. There are a total of 80 places in the norn vocabulary spot, and this set of 5 books fills all of the known ones except the one containing the norn's name. Only one copy of each book will be allowed per game. Old copies will be replaced by the injected copy. The vocabulary in the Encyclopedia is listed in a text file included in the download.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink
Slink Says: My appreciation to Lummox Jr. for discovering how to inject computer objects into Albia.

Rain Storm Version 2.1

Script Numbers: N/A
Description: This COB injects a rain cloud which travels across the Albian mainland from the grendel tree to the watchtower. It originates in the thunderheads near between the grendel tree and the island. It begins to rain when it hits the mainland, and ceases to rain soon after it crosses the mountains near the watchtower. It evaporates completely before reaching the desert island.
Comments: Rain is pleasant for your norns, but there is a 1% chance that lightning will strike. This is more fun for your norns to watch than for them to feel. It will not inflict much damage if it strikes them.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

Tickets for the Hand Version 2.0

Script Numbers: N/A
Description: Do you dread resetting your world because you have to reset all your "Favorite Spots"? Well, dread no more. Here are seven booklets of tickets to good places. Use one, adjust the view to your liking, and set the spot.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink