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Slink's Treasures
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Chemical Mutations Creature Sprites The Structure of a Creature Gene COB Author's Guide
How to Build a World
Genetic Makeup of C306 Creatures 2 Scriptorium

Chemical Mutations

Description: This reference file is an Excel Spreadsheet that contains a listing of all possible chemical mutations.

Creature Sprites

Description: This reference file is in rich text format (.rtf) and details how a creature is put together, and what each portion of the att files means. This is an excellent reference for those attempting to create a new breed for Creatures!

The Structure of a Creature Gene

Description: In this reference file Slink explains the structure of a Creatures Gene file and how she created the Cardinal Norns.

COB Author's Guide

Description: Slink's wonderfully detailed reference file that explains COB Authoring in detail will help you learn how to tweak your Creatures game!

How to Build a World

Description: The text on how to build your own world, as written after Slink and Lis had made Terra Nornia, the first new world for Creatures.

Genetic Makeup of C306

Description: Slink's wonderfully detailed reference explaining the Genetic Makeup of her popular C306 Norns

Creatures 2 Scriptorium

Description: Here's an astonishing set of files which represent a lot of intensive work on Slink's part. Only a couple of weeks after the game came out, she had forced World.sfc to give up its scripting secrets and produced this useful resource for programmers and COBbers.