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Slink's Treasures
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Grendel Stuff

Grendel Button (Multiple) Grendel Guard Grendel-X Grendel Trap

Grendel Button (Multiple) Version 1.0

Script Numbers: 2 12 211 1, 2 12 211 7, 2 12 211 9
Description: This COB installs a Grendel Button on top of the wall near the incubator. Pressing it will take you to the next grendel and select it.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

Grendel Guard Version 2.1

Script Numbers: 2 3 211 7, 2 3 211 9
Description: The ultimate in Grendel Control! No more random acts of brutality and reservoirs of vile disease! This COB injects long-lasting protection against grendals. Albia will be scanned for grendals. If one is found, you will be taken there to observe it's demise.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

Grendel X Version 2.0

Script Numbers: 2 6 212 1, 2 6 212 5
Description: This COB injects a food object that is fatal to grendels only, and will not harm norns. When the grendel eats the Grendel-X a banging noise is heard as he disappears. If a norn eats it, there is a chewing noise but nothing else happens.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

Grendel Trap Version 1.0

Script Numbers: 3 1 211 1, 3 1 211 9
Description: Humane Grendel control! This COB injects a vehicle which acts as a grendel trap. It will only be sprung when pushed by a grendel. It can be moved around by first pressing on the truck to turn on the engine, and then pressing any of the four sides. There is a safeguard to prevent the trap form disappearing completely off the top or bottom of the screen. Turn the engine off to stop the trap from moving further. When a grendel has been trapped, the key will flash. You may release the grendel by pressing on this flashing key.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink