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Slink's Treasures
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Black Hole Patches The Sheif

Black Hole Patches Version 1.0

Script Numbers: N/A
Description: For those times when you want the game patched but would rather not have the Balloon installed. This COB edits Rooms 21, 22, and 23 in Albia to try to close all three known black holes.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink

The Sheif

Script Numbers: N/A
Description: This COB installs a 26th Room in Albia. This room will appear above the incubator, outlined in pink. You may store items there and the norns cannot reach them. The pink outline will only be visible until the first time you close Albia. The room, however, will still remain.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink