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Grendel World Terra Nornia

Grendel World

Script Numbers: N/A
This copy of World.sfc has had the Grendel Mother removed and has been altered to allow the breeding of grendels.
To install your new Grendel World:
1.) If you wish to have your present norns in the Grendel World, export all your norns.
2.) Very Important! Close the Creatures Game!
3.) Look for the file world.sfc in the /creatures directory. This is the file that contains yourr current Albia. If you want to be able
      to go back to Albia now and again, rename it to albia.sfc, by right clicking it and choosing rename.
4.) Then unzip to your desktop, and make a copy of the "Grendel" world.sfc, by right clicking on it, dragging it to a
      new place within the Creatures folder, and then choosing Copy from the menu.
5.) Rename the copy of world.sfc that is on your desktop to grenw.sfc, and place it in the Creatures Directory.
6.) Start Creatures, and the Grendel World should appear before you in its full glory!
7.) If you wish to play with Albia again, rename world.sfc to grend.sfc, and rename your albia.sfc back to world.sfc.
Credits: Sandra J.G. Linkletter a.k.a. Slink
Slink Says: If you want to alter a copy of you own custom world, use a hex editor and do a search and replace as follows:
Search for: doif gnus eq 2
Replace with: doif gnus eq 9
This will allow the grendel to behave just like a norn. You will still need grendels with reproductive organs if you want to breed them.

Coming Soon! Terra Nornia

TreeSprite Says: Yes, that's right... give me time, and Terra Nornia will be posted in it's entirety! Keep checking back, and if it's not online soon enough for you, send me an email to tell me I'm taking too long! =)