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Docking Station

Norn_Statistics_&_Genealogy C1toDS_Table_of_Plant_&_Weed_Effects How_to_send_norns_to_yourself_in_Docking Station Docking_Station_Install_Blast_Bypass How_to_Add_a_Friend

Norn Statistics & Genealogy

Description: This document was conceived to allow ease in sorting out familial ties, world origin, and other information related to each norn in a Creatures wolfling run. It is for use with any of the games in the Creatures Series, but was targeted for and is of most use with Docking Station. Any ideas, or constructive comments about this document are welcomed. If there is any information you feel is pertinent that is not included in the following document please write and send suggestions for editing the document to TreeSprite.
Instructions: To read this document you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Credits: This document was created by TreeSprite.

C1toDS Table of Plant & Weed Effects

Description: Those who are playing the C1toDS metaroom of Creatures are asking about C1toDS plants and weeds and their effects on the Creatures. I'm assuming that I'm being asked about this in particular because of my posting of the plant and weed effects in creatures. Therefore, I've taken time to make a table for C1toDS plants and weeds complete with color pictures to help with this problem. The Original Table of Plant & Weed Effects upon which this one is modeled is excerpted from the Unofficial Creatures Guide.
Instructions: To read this document you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Credits: This edition of the Unofficial Creatures Guide was updated, edited, revised, and had color graphics added by TreeSprite. ATTENTION! This is a third party edited document, and the editor claims no affiliation with Cyberlife, or Creature Labs. Many thanks are given to Cyberlife & Creature Labs who retain all rights to this document.
"Information, and images used by permission of Creature Labs. Creature Labs and Creatures are registered trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. The Creature Labs, Creatures 3 and Docking Station logos are trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd in the United Kingdom and other countries."

How to send norns to yourself in Docking Station

Description: I recently had the happy accident of discovering how to send norns to myself via the warp. I can say now that I send norns to myself on a regular basis with no hassles, and I don't run two instances of DS on my computer, nor do I bother to boot the kids' machines to run an instance of DS on theirs, and send back and forth. Would you like to know how? Well then read on!
1.) Get two usernames.
2.) Make sure you have created a world for both usernames.
3.) Add yourself to the contact list for each world. For example: Assume your usernames were TreeSprite, and TreeFaerie. If you are using (logged in to) the TreeSprite account, you would add TreeFaerie to your contact list.
4.) Mark yourself as a friend in both worlds.
5.) Export your contact list from each world, and then import the contact list from each into it's opposite. Now, in TreeSprite's world, TreeSprite is a contact marked as friend and vice-versa. You can't see yourself in your own contact list, but trust me you are still there!
6.) If this is an old world, reset all the people marked as friend in your contact list to the regular setting.
7.) Set your warp chamber in the warp room to send creatures out to any friend.
8.) Set your warp chamber in the warp room to receive from any online user.
You must set this to any online user, or you won't get your norns!
9.) Now you can send and receive norns to and from yourself in the same world.
*NOTE: Do not send out too many norns at once. If you send more than five (I think the limit is five.) then the DS servers will automatically mark them as missing in action, and will *cough*lose them*cough*. I send my norns out one at a time. It doesn't take too long to get them back, and after they've warped out it's much easier to track their history.

Credits: TreeSprite

Docking Station Install Blast Bypass

Description: This set of instructions will tell you how to get your newly installed Docking Station game to run without contacting the Creature Labs servers to look for an updated file. With the DS Servers down, the program now quits to the desktop unless you follow these steps.

Bypass for Windows

**NOTE: Anyone trying this new shortcut should save a copy of the original shortcut in another folder on the hard drive just in case the new one doesn't work.

Changing the shortcut to the game will bypass InstallBlast. Here's what to do:

1.)  Go to the folder in which Docking Station resides on your hard drive.
2.)  Find Engine.exe, and right click on it and hold the mouse button down while dragging it to an open location in the folder. Then when the menu pops up choose "Create Shortcuts here". This will create a shortcut in your DS folder named "Shortcut to engine.exe".
3.)  Right click on the Shortcut and choose rename to rename it to Docking Station.
4.)  Right click the shortcut again and choose properties. When the dialog box pops up click on the "change icon" button. At this point a warning dialog will pop up telling you that "the file engine.exe contains no icons. Choose an icon from the list or specify a different file." Click ok, then in the Change Icon window click browse. Use the drop down menu at the top of the browse window to locate the Docking Station folder on your hard drive. Select Docking Station.ico and then click the "Open" button. The DS icon should now be displayed in the Change Icon dialog box. Click "Ok" to close the Change Icon dialog window, and then click "Ok" again to close the Properties dialog box.
5.)  Now we need to edit the Target: line in the Properties dialog window so that the shorcut will open Docking Station with the 'autokill' switch on. Select the Target line to highlight it, and then use your right arrow key to scroll to the end of the Target string. As you scroll by the information it should look similar to the following:

"your drive letter:\your pathDocking Station\engine.exe"

At the end of the line, after the quotation mark you should place a space, two dashes, and then type autokill. You line will then look similar to the following:

"your drive letter:\your pathDocking Station\engine.exe" --autokill

6.)  You may now click "Ok" to close the Properties dialog box.
7.)  You should now see a nicely fixed shortcut for DS in your DS folder. Right click the shortcut and choose copy. Then paste it onto your desktop.

If you are using Windows XP and are not the Administrator, the game may not run after creating the shortcut with the method described above. If you create your shortcut, and the game won't run, to fix the problem you will need to do the following:

1.)  Fetch the person who is the administrator for the machine.
2.)  Have them right click the shortcut, and choose "run as"
3.)  When the dialog box pops up have them select "The following User" "Administrator" and fill in the Administrator's password.
4.)  After that the game should run properly.
5.)  If it does not, have the Administrator right click the new shortcut again, choose "Properties", and select the compatibility tab.
6.)  In the compatibility mode section check the "run this program in compatibility mode for:" box, and then choose "Windows NT 4.0 service pack 5" if the computer came with Windows XP, or "Windows 98/Windows ME" if the computer had the OS upgraded from Win9X. *Really either setting should work, but some older machines that have been upgraded from Win9X have the tendancy to not run the game with any other setting.*
7.)  Click OK, and then try your new shortcut again.

Bypass for Linux

Run Docking Station with the 'nocheck' switch. e.g. dockingstation nocheck

How to Add a Friend in Docking Station

Description: This set of instructions will tell you how to add a friend to your Docking Station contacts window in the Comms Room.
Here's what to do:
1.)  Start Docking Station. Enter the world in which you want to add your friend.
2.)  Open the caos command line editor. (You can do this by pressing the control, shift, and c keys simultaneously.) Ctrl + Shift + C.
3.)  The first step in adding your friend will be to get your own id number. You can do so by typing the phrase that is contained within the brackets, but not the brackets, into your command line editor exactly as you see it displayed. [ outs net: user ]
4.)  The numerical code displayed by your engine in the line under the command you just entered will be your personal id number. You can give this number to your friend so he/she can add you to their game. For example: My number is 6481+11 (Hint: You may also want to tell them the username associated with your number. Just in case you have more than one.)
5.)  After both you and your friend have found and exchanged your id numbers you will want to add each other. You can do so by typing the phrase that is contained within the brackets, but not the brackets, into your command line editor as you see it displayed, however this time you will substitute your friend's number for my number which is displayed in bold. [ rtar 1 1 157 mesg wrt+ targ 1000 "6481+11" 0 0 ] (Note: Of course you can add me too if you want to!)
6.)  If you look at your contacts list you should now see your friend's name displayed in the window. Simply change the smiley face from yellow to green, and your friend will be listed with your game engine as a friend! =)
NOTE:  It has come to my attention... via my own fumblings... that if you intend to properly add your friend you must be online in DS (i.e. the little "I'm online button" in the upper left gui must be green.) before you try to add your friend, or their name will not display properly!