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The Unofficial Creatures Guide Table of Plant & Weed Effects Norn Statistics & Genealogy Q & A with TreeSprite

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If you have a question that you'd like to have answered that isn't provided here on this page just send an email to TreeSprite.

I’ve upgraded my Mac to O.S. 8.0 and the Health Kit crashes.

Answer: If you have a Mac and you’re running OS 8.0, these tips should help to resolve the Health Kit crashing problem. You should set the System font to CHICAGO in the APPEARANCE CONTROL PANEL. Restart the computer and the Health Kit should work just fine. For added performance improvements, also turn off the system-wide platinum appearance in the appearance control. After this scrolling should work better in Creatures.

Does Creatures work on Windows NT/XP?

Answer: Yes! =) You'll need the Windows NT Install Patch to install Creatures.

Creatures runs, but there is only sound in the introduction. What could be wrong?

Answer: Either the sound card or the sound card drivers usually cause this. Creatures requires 16bit sound cards and Microsoft DirectX compatible drivers. Please check your hardware specifications in the sound card manual and make sure that your sound card is 16bit, SoundBlaster 16 compatible. Next, you should check your sound card drivers. If these are not 16bit, or are older 16bit drivers that are not DirectX compatible, then you will need to obtain an updated set of drivers. These should be available from your sound card manufacturer, or from several sites on the web.

I have installed the new Object Injector.The installation went fine however when I try to run the kit I get an ‘Unsupported operation was attempted’ message and the kit closes. What causes this?

Answer: This is because you have an out of date DLL on your machine that the new kit needs to run. You will need to run this program which will update your DLL set and allow you to use the Object Injector.

I have installed the new Update Pack 1.02, but when ever I run Creatures I get an error linked to a DLL, how do I fix this?

Answer: This problem is caused by an older version of the DLL on your system. The new Update Pack requires newer versions of some DLL’s to run, however it will not install any of these DLL’s if your system is using them. The first thing to do is to shut down all programs and move the DLL from your system folder to a different location. Then run the Update Pack 1.02 installer again. This will install the newer DLL and fix the problem.

Can I install two versions of Creatures on one machine?

Answer: No you can not, however if you do not want to share your Norns with say, another member of your family, then it might be worthwhile creating a folder for each player so that they can export their Norns at the end of every session leaving the world empty.

My CD will not spin up, what should I do?

Answer: First you should check that the disk is clean - remember that CDs should be cleaned from the centre outwards, never in a circular motion. If your CD is clean, check that you do not have any conflicts in your system with your CD drive. However, if it still does not spin up, your disk could be at fault - in this case you should contact the shop you brought it from and ask for a replacement.

Creatures locks up, stops responding or crashes whenever I launch it. What is wrong?

Answer: This can be caused by a number of things. If you have tried a Restore World from the Emergency Kit and it has not helped, then it could be necessary for you to re-install. This will give you a new world but you will loose all parental information. If possible, export any Creatures that are in your world before re-installing Creatures.

I have deleted Creatures from my (IBM compatible) PC by dragging the Creatures folder to the Recycle Bin. I then tried to re-install. Now every time I go to play Creatures I run into constant problems with the product. What did I do wrong?

Answer: Creatures is a Win95 flagged product. This means that it is completely integrated into the Win95 operating system when installed and looks and feels like a normal Win95 application. During the installation, Creatures will make entries in the system registry which can not be removed or adjusted by dragging the folder into the Recycle Bin.

The correct way to uninstall Creatures is to open the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs. Once you have opened this you will see Creatures in the list book. Press Add/Remove and follow the on-screen prompts from this point on. This will make all the necessary adjustments for you and will allow you to re-install without any problems at a later date.

However, if you have already deleted Creatures by dragging the folder, you should still be able to follow the correct uninstalling procedure as stated above.

How do I uninstall Creatures on my Macintosh?

Answer: The Macintosh version of Creatures is straight forward to uninstall. All you have to do is to drag the Creatures folder from the hard drive into the Wastebasket/Trash, then select Empty Wastebasket/Trash from the Special menu on your desktop.

I have a problem with my egg disc - it will not work, so I can not gain access to the Hatchery. What can I do to solve this problem?

Answer: While rare, some problems do occasionally occur. The first thing to check is the floppy disk itself - if it is damaged then you should return it to the place of purchase for a replacement. If everything is fine as far as you can see, then you might want to download the Hatchery Update. This file replaces the need for a disk, instead it transfers your eggs to your hard drive. Download the file, find and re-name your old Hatchery as Hatchery_old, move the new Hatchery into the Creatures directory and double click on the file to update the registry. Please Note : File is for PC Win95 use only.

I have an ESS1688 soundcard and it will not let me access the floppy disk Hatchery.

Answer: Either download the hard drive based Hatchery Update, or open the control panel and double click on Multimedia, then click on Properties then Audio devices. Select the device and click Properties. Tick the box marked: Do Not Map Through This Device. Restart your computer and use the hatchery disk as normal.

I have an egg that is not hatching in the wild. Why won’t it hatch?

Answer: There could be two reasons for this. The first is you my have touched it. Norn eggs are sensitive to touch, and once you’ve moved them about, the only way to hatch them is through the Incubator. If this still does not work, then it is possible that you have reached the maximum number of Creatures Albia can support, and you’ll have to wait for nature to take its course with the population before you can hatch any more eggs. Alternatively you could export some Norns to make way for the new ones.

I can not run Creatures full screen. What is wrong?

Answer: You have smooth scrolling enabled. If you switch this off you will be able to run Creatures full screen. Pull down the Camera menu and toggle Smooth Scrolling so that there is not a tick next to it.

Where do Grendels come from?

Answer: Grendels are tree-loving animals, in fact they live in the trees just above the submarine cave. If you ever find yourself up there then look closely at the tress - you may notice the Grendel incubator hanging down from one of them. If you are lucky, though this is rarely seen, you may see a Grendel egg drop out from there.

I need help with my Norns, is there a document I could download?

Answer: Yes. Have a look at the wonderfully updated and colorized Unofficial Guide to Creatures for some good advice about general Norn keeping and a few handy tips.

How long will my Norns live?

Answer: The average life span of a Norn is about 10 gaming hours. However because Norns can evolve, it is possible to breed Norns with longer life spans.

What happens if all my Norns die?

Answer: Creatures includes an emergency kit for this very reason. This will provide you with some new Norns to play with. You could also download the Six Pack of Norns or Ten Pack of Norns to import into your world.

There are many herbs in the world - how do I identify them?

Answer: Some of the most common questions I've seen being asked about Creatures are about the plants and weeds, and their effects on the Norns. Those who are playing the console versions of Creatures in particular are the ones asking about this. I've posted the Table of Plant & Weed Effects which contains color pictures to help with this problem.

What is a Wolfing run?

Answer: A Wolfing Run is where you hatch a bunch of Norns and leave them to their own devices to see how they get on. Results may vary, but you are more likely to get stronger Norns as a result - Norns that can look after themselves and which breed well are usually good survivors.

In the Breeders Kit there is a big red cross over the picture of the Norn, does this mean my Male Norn is infertile?

Answer: No, it means that your male Norn cannot become pregnant. If you select a female Norn and then click the Breeders Kit you’ll see that there is no big red cross there. The picture of the Norn (where the red cross is placed) shows how advanced the pregnancy is.

I have tried to register the game to get my free Six pack of Norns. There is no way I can register this game, what gives?

Answer: The free six pack of Norns was a free gift for when you registered your game and it was introduced onto the CD by Mindscape. Registrations for the game are no longer being taken, but take heart as you can still get your free six pack of Norns by doing the following:
1.) Go to your CD ROM and look for a folder called, “MSREG”.
2.) Open the folder and look for a file called, “MSFREE32.EXE”.
3.) Double click the file and you should see a dialogue box.
4.) Make sure that the installation directory on the dialogue box is set to the main Creatures folder on your machine.
5.) Click the “Update” button and this should install the six pack for free.

Is there a quick way of repeating the last thing I said to my Norns without having to type it in again?

Answer: Yes - press CTRL-S (Hold CTRL down and tap the S key).

How does Creatures save my world while I am playing?

Answer: Creatures automatically saves the world and creates backup files every few minutes. Your world is also saved whenever you exit Creatures.

My CD is cracked what should I do?

Answer: If you just purchased it, then you should contact the shop you brought it from and ask for a replacement. If you purchased your CD a very long time ago, then you should make another replacement CD from your original. If you don't have a CD Burner, or have no access to one, and you have already installed Creatures then you could install the No CD Cheat for the game.
WARNING! - The No CD Cheat is a registry edit! It is your responsibility to ensure that you have properly backed up your registry before using this registry edit.   It is illegal to use this cheat, especially if you don't own a copy of the Creatures Game.
1.) Place both CREATNCD.BAT, and CREATNCD.REG into your Creatures Directory.
2.) Double Click CREATNCD.BAT to run it.
3.) Double Click CREATNCD.REG to run it.
4.) When the pop up shows up, click yes to merge the entry into your registry.
5.) Restart your computer.