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All files on this page are copyright of Creaturelabs (see copyright statemtent below) and are provided here only because Creature Labs has stopped trading, and no longer has a website. This page will be taken down at the request of Creature Labs, or the party that purchased rights to the Creature Labs Intellectual Property, at any time.

"All files on this page are copyrighted by Creature Labs. Creature Labs and Creatures are registered trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. The Creature Labs, Creatures 3 and Docking Station logos are trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom and other countries."

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT and Win 2000 / XP with administrator privileges
Pentium 200MMX or better
4x speed CD-ROM drive or faster
16-Bit sound card
2MB 16-Bit color SVGA display adapter (800x600 resolution minimum)
32 Mb RAM (64 Mb recommended)
300Mb of free hard drive space
Both the sound and video cards require DirectX compatible drivers
Windows 95/98/ME/NT and Win 2000 / XP with administrator privileges
Pentium 200MMX or better
4x speed CD-ROM drive or faster
16-Bit sound card
2MB 16-Bit color SVGA display adapter (800x600 resolution minimum)
32 Mb RAM (64 Mb recommended)
300Mb of free hard drive space
Both the sound and video cards require DirectX compatible drivers

K6-2 processors: Some players have found that Creatures 3 runs very slowly on their K6-2 equipped systems. This is due to the many floating point calculations needed to simulate Norn biochemistry and neural net. Due to this fact, we do not recommend the game for systems with this processor type.

XP Compatibility: Creatures3 was not made to work on the Windows XP operating system. Though similiar, this operating system is different from Windows 95/98/ME and thus it may be unstable or refuse to work at all. However, some users have reported that things work fine as long as:

The game / addon is installed by a user with complete administrator privileges.
The game / addon is run only by a user with complete administrator privileges.

So make sure that this is the case. You must install (or reinstall if already installed) under a Windows XP user that has complete administrator privileges. Also, the game can only run (be played) by a user with the same privileges - ie, complete administrator privileges.

Creatures3 Update #2

This update provides a number of minor fixes and installs a new genome which has some tweaks made to the expression gene, making your Norns use and display a wider range of facial expressions.

You do NOT need Update 1 - this update contains everything you need. To get the full effects of this upgrade, you should start a new world after you install. A full list of fixes is in the release notes.

Creatures 3 Update #2 Release Notes

Updated genome

  • Highlander disease fixed. This disease could make your Norns live forever by destroying their ageing mechanism
  • You can now choose to hatch Norns that show a wider and more obvious range of facial expressions as well as retaining the original creature’s genomes

Other fixes/updates

  1. The Delay Gate connecting agent has been tweaked to eliminate a possible error condition
  2. The rare case where a creature and/or the learning machine could lose the ability to speak has been fixed
  3. Medical Agents have been made less sensitive to certain trace elements. This could have resulted in “false positive” results for diseases or infection
  4. Track Norn: Problem with selected Norn and learning room fixed
  5. The user interface now correctly displays the current Sound and Music Options
  6. The Egg Laying machine now has agent help for the information bar and developer stability has been improved. In addition, the egg name is shown
  7. The Creator machine can now successfully make a portable chemical graphing machine
  8. Developer stability for the Creator machine has been improved; the new creator will also work better with 3rd party COBs
  9. Camera code reworked and improved
  10. The reported issue with the Beat-box (infinite loop) has been fixed
  11. Special characters are now supported in names for Creature exporting
  12. Map changed slightly in Grendel area to prevent a possible Grendel trapping problem
  13. Issues with a brain lobe creation with 0 neurones are fixed
  14. Some users reported cases where autosave/save reported “float reference written twice”. This is now fixed
  15. Open air cabin attribute: Works properly now
  16. Creatures can no longer grab things from the inventory
  17. The CAOS command DELR is now working
  18. Fixed a strange problem with the CAOS command TINT
  19. Minor issues with the following agents have also been addressed: Pumperspikel, Piranha, Grazer, Bridge airlock, Kingfisher and Ettin accessway
  20. Many agents have been increased in size to bring them in line with the European versions
  21. Minor updates to medical pod, screens and the anti-bacterial spray
  22. Image plane changed in many of agents (numeric output tool, anti-bacterial spray, antigen detector, single chemical graphing gadget, pregnancy indication device) so that they appear in front of creatures
  23. The error that resulted in the Creature Selector user interface component vanishing has been fixed
  24. New Creator Machine works better with 3rd party agents
  25. Creator machine has a remove button as below (button with "X" on it)

Updated engine

  • For developers, there is a new CAOS command called GLOB (please see the CDN website for more information)
  • Creatures blink more often

QuickStart Guide

Description: Get to grips with C3 quickly with this short tutorial. This is not the only way to play the game, of course, just one alternative! (PDF Format 1.7Mb)

Agent Installation Instructions

Please note: You must install Creatures 3 Update 2 before using these agents. All agent files for Creatures 3 require the updated Creator machine which can be found in the "Creatures 3 Update 2". You can easily check if you have this upgrade by examining the Creator machine. The updated version has a new button marked with ‘X’ (this is the ‘remove’ button and will allow you to take down your Yule decorations after the holiday). The original version did not have this button. Also note, however, that you must create a new world after applying the update as it will not update your existing worlds! (If you try and use the creator in worlds that were created before you applied the update, you will get an error telling you that the .s16 files are not present).
1.) These files should be downloaded and placed into your 'Creatures 3/My Agents' folder. You can now use the Creator in Engineering to inject these new agents into the world.
2.) These agents do not cost bioenergy to create, so you do not need to have collected the power ups to inject these new items.
3.) Most items will appear in a certain place in the world (normally in the Norn Terrarium), and when injected the Creator machine will show some of the location on the screen. Unless you are very familiar with the appearance of the ship you may have trouble recognising the location. Don't worry! Just go back to the Norn Terrarium and search for the new objects.

1999 Yule Pack

Lots of lovely Yule presents for your Creatures3 Norns.


This agent makes it easier to increase the bioenergy of the ship and so makes it easier to create new agents from the Creator or replicate existing agents using the Replicator. Each pellet will add 100 bioenergy when recycled.

Grettin Switch

This agent allows you to control the operation of the Grendel and Ettin egg layers. Injecting this agent will produce a new user interface component in the bottom left corner of your screen which can be opened and closed by clicking on it.

NeoDecatur's Valentine's Day Pack

A lovely surprise package for your love-struck Norns. If all this doesn't get them breeding, nothing will! Thanks to NeoDecatur for this wonderful agent pack!

NeoDecatur's Americana Pack

Celebrate Election 2000 all over again with this new Creatures 3 Object pack. There are many new items in here that will have your Norns falling over themselves to taste some genuine Creatures 3 style "Americana".

Breeding Stock

Creatures 3 Breeding Stock - New Norns for your gene pool. These have had alterations made to their expressions gene and should be more expressive.