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C3 & DS

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All files on this page are copyright of Creaturelabs (see copyright statemtent below) and are provided here only because Creature Labs has stopped trading, and no longer has a website. This page will be taken down at the request of Creature Labs, or the party that purchased rights to the Creature Labs Intellectual Property, at any time.

"All files on this page are copyrighted by Creature Labs. Creature Labs and Creatures are registered trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. The Creature Labs, Creatures 3 and Docking Station logos are trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom and other countries."

Brain in a Vat

Description: Probe your creature's brain with this nifty kit! The Vat Kit can operate in two modes: offline and online. The online version allows you to examine the brains of creatures running around in the game. The offline version allows you to to examine a creature's brain "in a vat", i.e. you control its sensory input instead of it being provided by the world! Download the Brain in a Vat kit and start experimenting with your Norns Neurology!

Biochemistry Kit

Description: Want to find out what's going on 'inside' your Norns, the Biochemistry kit will help you! This utility allows you to monitor the chemicals inside your creatures. The new kit is very simple to use, but it is also surprisingly flexible, and will probably give you more information about your creatures’ biochemistry than you can use!

CAOS Debugger

Description: It lets you browse running agents, inspect their variables and step through code as they run it. Also monitor output from DBG: OUTV and DBG: OUTS and more! As used by Creature Labs developers.

Pray Builder Tool

Description: PRAY is the file format used for installing new agents, breeds and rooms. There are two ways of making PRAY files on Linux; You can use the PRAY MAKE command from with the engine, or you can download the PRAY builder.

Sprite Builder

Description: The SpriteBuilder is the offical Creature Labs sprite handling tool, and was used throughout the creation of Creatures 3 and Docking Station. It does not create images, there are many good paint packages on the market that fulfil that job already, it simply takes existing images and turns them into the right format for the engine.

Catalogue Checker Tool

Description: This is a command line tool which dumps a list of tags and count of the number of items in them from a set of catalogue files. You can select the language to use, and specify auxiliary catalogue directories. The program was used in the Creatures 3 and Docking Station build scripts to check each language had everything translated. There's a readme file in the zip file which explains more, with the code fragment from the Docking Station build script which used it.

ChiChi Norn GNO file

Description: The caption file, for use with the Genetics Kit, that accompanies the norn.chichi06.ex47 genome. It is provided for those who want to include an easily readable reference for thier own breeds.

Map Files

Description: The undocked map file, a Docked map file, and the C3 Map file for the Map Editor. They are provided here for those who own the map editor who may have overwritten the files inadvertantly.

Creatures Developer Network Articles

Description: A listing of the articles to aid in development of new Rooms, Breeds, and Agents can be found here.

Agent Installation Instructions

Please note: You must install Creatures 3 Update 2 before using these agents in Creatures3. All agent files for Creatures3 require the updated Creator machine which can be found in the "Creatures 3 Update 2". You can easily check if you have this upgrade by examining the Creator machine. The updated version has a new button marked with ‘X’ (this is the ‘remove’ button and will allow you to take down your Yule decorations after the holiday). The original version did not have this button. Also note, however, that you must create a new world after applying the update as it will not update your existing worlds! (If you try and use the creator in worlds that were created before you applied the update, you will get an error telling you that the .s16 files are not present).
1.) These files should be downloaded and placed into your 'Creatures 3/My Agents' or 'Docking Station/My Agents' folder. You can use the Creator in Engineering to inject these new agents into C3, or the Creator Agent in the Comms room to inject for DS.
2.) These agents do not cost bioenergy to create, so you do not need to have collected the power ups to inject these new items.
3.) Most C3 items will appear in a certain place in the world (normally in the Norn Terrarium), and when injected the Creator machine will show the locations on the screen. Unless you are very familiar with the appearance of the ship you may have trouble recognising the location. Don't worry! Just go back to the Norn Terrarium and search for the new objects. Most DS items will appear in the Comms Room for those that aren't the Creator machine will show the locations on the screen.

Norn Packs & New Breeds

Christmas 2000 Advent Calendar Agents

Description: A new metaroom, and lots of wintery fun!
CreatureLabs - Mistletoe, Presents, Puzzle, Reindeer, Snowblower, Snowdrop, Snowglobe, Snowman.,
NeoDecatur - Food, Pole, Toys, Tree.,
Sylv - DS Food, DS Mistletoe, DS Presents, DS Reindeer, DS Snowblower, DS Snowman, DS Tree.

You must install Creatures 3 Update 2 before using these agents with Creatures3!
1.) These files should be downloaded and placed into your 'Creatures 3/My Agents' folder for use with Creatures3, or to the 'Docking Station/My Agents' folder for DS. The C3 Agents can be used for C3 & DS so long as the Capillata is docked. The DS agents will work in DS Docked or not. You can use the Creator in Engineering to inject these agents into C3, or the Creator in the Comms room to inject into DS.

The Objects:
Christmas Food
Food for Christmas.
Christmas Mistletoe
Does this inspire the norns to Kiss?
Christmas Pole
Your Norns can experience the North Pole!
Christmas Presents
Presents for under your Christmas Tree.
Christmas Puzzle
The Ettins Love this!
Christmas Reindeer
Cute pet for Christmas.
Christmas Snowblower
It spits out snow and blows it around.
Christmas Snowdrop
Pretty flowers for Christmas.
Christmas Snowglobe
This has a shee head inside.
Christmas Snowman
A Snowman for your Creatures.
Christmas Toys
Santa likes Norns too!
Christmas Tree
A nice tree for the Norns.