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Docking Station

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All files on this page are copyright of Creaturelabs (see copyright statemtent below) and are provided here only because Creature Labs has stopped trading, and no longer has a website. This page will be taken down at the request of Creature Labs, or the party that purchased rights to the Creature Labs Intellectual Property, at any time.

"All files on this page are copyrighted by Creature Labs. Creature Labs and Creatures are registered trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. The Creature Labs, Creatures 3 and Docking Station logos are trademarks of Cyberlife Technology Ltd. in the United Kingdom and other countries."

Docking Station for Windows

Before you proceed, please make sure your computer system meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements to run the game.

Windows System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/NT and Win 2000 / XP with administrator privileges
Pentium II processor or higher
32Mb RAM or higher
64Mb and higher if Docked with Creatures 3
200Mb hard drive space
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX compatible Video Card
Internet connection
Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater (for improved Windows network functionality, use of the browser itself not required)

Please Note: Internet Explorer 4.0 (or greater) installs vital Windows Internet components that are required for the networking capabilities of Docking Station. No other browser does this. However, once these Windows Internet components are installed you are free to use whatever browser you prefer to access the Creature Data on the Docking Station Central site.

K6-2 processors: Some players may find that Docking Station runs very slowly on K6-2 equipped systems. This is due to the many floating point calculations needed to simulate Norn biochemistry and neural net. We're aware of this issue and have discussed it with AMD, unfortunately there is little that we can do to make the game run any faster. The recommended solution to this issue is a processor upgrade.

XP Compatibility: Docking Station was not made to work on the Windows XP operating system. Though similiar, this operating system is different from Windows 95/98/ME and thus it may be unstable or refuse to work at all. However, some users have reported that things work fine as long as:

The game / addon is installed by a user with complete administrator privileges.
The game / addon is run only by a user with complete administrator privileges.

So make sure that this is the case. You must install (or reinstall if already installed) under a Windows XP user that has complete administrator privileges. Also, the game can only run (be played) by a user with the same privileges - ie, complete administrator privileges.

Downloading for Windows

Install Type
zip file
zip file
ZDNet Gamespot Australia
zip file
TreeSprite's Creatures Grove
exe file

Docking Station for Linux

In Docking Station it is very easy to encourage large populations of creatures and to add new features to the game (in the form of new agents.) But the greater the creature populations, and the more agents and other features you add then the higher the processor and memory usage will be. In light of this, please remember the following system specifications are minimum requirements only.

Linux System Requirements

x86 or 100% compatible processor (Pentium, AMD) - must be at least Pentium 2 or equivalent x86
32Mb RAM (Docked with Creatures 3 will require 64Mb)
100Mb hard drive space (but only a 20Mb download)
Linux kernel 2.2
Glibc 2.1
Other common software: GTK (most versions), GNU text and file utilities (bash, md5sum etc.), wget or Lynx, bzip2.
Internet connection

Downloading the Linux Tarball

This method lets you download the game as one file.
  • Start an X terminal window as an ordinary user
  • Download the installation tarball to your home directory
  • Type tar xvfj dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2 to extract to a temporary folder.
  • Type cd dockingstation_195_64 and ./dstation-install to start installation (notice the period beforethe slash).
  • After initial installation, just type dockingstation to check forupdates and run the game.
  • You can now delete the temporary folder with rm dockingstation_195_64.tar.bz2 -fr

Docking Station System Files Runtime Updater

Description: This download will allow you to update three important system files that Docking Station requires.Some of the sytem files for Docking Station may need to be updated in your machine. We have created an easy to use installer for these files. If you double click the Engine.exe file in the main Docking Station folder you may get an error message relating to one of these files. If so, please download this patch and install it. Simply download the Runtime Updater and double click it and it will update the following files: MSVCRT.DLL, MSVCIRT.DLL, and MSVCP60.DLL Or it will tell you that your system files are already up to date!

Register for Docking Station

Description: Mark Stamps has just written to say that DS registrations are working now! Anyone who would like to become a new member, needs a new registration, or needs to check their own registration information can do so now. The registration process works the same way as it did before so those of you familiar with it should have no problems. For anyone who is new to registration, here's the information you need:

1.) Go to the CreaturesLab website to access the Login form.
2.) Click on the "Click here for password help." link.
3.) Fill out the form in it's entirety, and then click the submit button. Leave the next page window open you'll be needing it in a moment. ;) NOTE: You MUST provide a valid email address, or you won't be able to play!
4.) Wait for your email to arrive. Be patient, it sometimes takes time. ;)
5.) When your email arrives, you may either:

  • Follow the link provided in the email (Do this if you closed the window mentioned above.)
  • Log on with your new username and password.
    6.) Now that you are logged in, click the "GO" button next to the words "Get Docking Station".
    7.) You are done... all you need to do is start the game, create your new world, and log in!

    Sparky Says: Please note, the sites are by no means complete, no, not even a little bit so you may find lot's of dead links which will be removed. However if I'd fixed it all now it would have been offline for even longer! Oh..... and *please* don't write to me to say links are broken, I simply won't have time to read the mails, sorry.

  • Lost Docking Station Password

    Description: If you've lost your password for Docking Station, but you still remember your Username, and you still have the email address you used at the time which you originally registered, then you can get your password sent to you. Here's how:

    1.) Go to the CreaturesLab website to access the Login form.
    2.) Click on the "Click here to join right now" link.
    3.) Fill in your username in the blank provided, and then click the "Get Password" button.
    4.) Wait for your email to arrive. Be patient, it sometimes takes time. ;)
    5.) When your email arrives, you may use your username and password to log on.
    Note: If you are unable to check the email address you orginally used to register with the Creatures Network, either because you don't have it, or because you may have misspelled it, then please write a polite email to the Support staff. They will be able to change your email address in the records, but don't expect them to be quick about it.

    Docking Station Story

    Description: A collaborative work by Mark Ashton (Masha), and Ash Harman (Frimlin). It was nearly finished before the close of Creature labs, and is provided here for those who may have missed it.

    Docking Station Manual - Word Format

    Description: If you are new to the Docking Station game this fabulous manual will get you going with the game very quickly. The guide is easy to understand, and gives you a step through of how to play the game. If you do not have Word you can use Microsoft's free Word viewer.

    More Help with Docking Station

    TreeSprite Says: For more help with running Docking Station, especially while the Creature Labs servers are still offline, you should have a look at the Login Disabler, and the DS Installblast Bypass.